There is an old water bucket,
Lying out beside the fence,
Why anyone would keep it,
To me just made no sense.

The bottom is so rusty,
No water will it hold,
The handle is all twisted,
The bucket is so old.

For many years I kept it,
For the good that it had been,
It used to serve a purpose,
But that was way back then.

Now it's just an eyesore,
A useless piece of rusty tin,
I thought that I would trash it,
With other junk and then...

I heard the sound of thunder
Off in the distant sky,
And then a softer, sweeter sound,
And this one was near by.

It was the sound of summer randrops
Beating a rhythm like a drum,
I listened in amazement and
Then began to hum.

I noticed a sparrow taking refuge
Underneath a big green tree
And he began to sing along..
With the raindrops and with me.

I saw the leaves were dancing
And flowers swayed, beautiful and bold
As raindrops on an old rusty bucket
Made music to cheer the soul.

I lifted my eyes toward Heaven
And thanked My father there
For teaching me this lesson
And now with you I share.

I was feeling just as useless
As that bucket seemed to be
Just going through a season
Of thinking no one needed me.

But then I was reminded that to
Give an encouraging word or a smile
Could mean the world to others
And that makes my life worthwhile.

All things serve a purpose,
So look around and consider again..
The things you thought were useless
Like the rusty bucket made of tin.

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